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Torpado MTB T590 Storm


Performance and comfort on any type of terrain.
The Torpado T590 Storm (Shimano TX35 21V RS-35) is shown here in black and red. In all there are six Torpado MTB models available, T582, T585, T590, T591, T595 and the T596.

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Torpado MTB Full Suspension T560 SUV99

MTB Full Suspension

Designed to take on the most difficult challenges.
This is the Torpado T560 SUV99 (Shimano TX35 21V RS-35) shown here in black and white. There are three Torpado MTB Full Suspension models available, the T540, T550 and the T560.


Torpado Corsa T1000 Destriero


Technology and design with a focus on speed.
The Torpado T1000 Destriero (Campagnolo Xenon MIX 9x2) is shown here in black and white. In all there are four Torpado Corsa models available, T6000, T2000, T1000 and the T710.

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Torpado Trekking T810 Crossfire


The pleasure of pedalling while immersed in nature.
The Torpado T810 Crossfire (Shimano DEORE 24V) is shown here in black. Four Torpado Trekking models are available, T800, T801, T810 and the T811.

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Torpado City T431 Navigator


To rediscover the joy of city living.
The Torpado T431 Navigator is shown here in white and bordeaux. In all there are twelve Torpado City models available, T430, T431, T432, T433, T435, T436, T440, T441, T480, T481, T461 and T170.

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Torpado Vintage T140 Storica


A unique style to move around in freedom.
This is the Torpado T140 Storica shown here in black. Seven Torpado Vintage models are available, T140, T141, T330, T331, T333, T120 and the T100.

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