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Torpado MTB

Performance and comfort on any type of terrain

Torpado MTB T780 Saturn

T589 Light Pro

Torpado MTB T589 Light Pro

T590 Storm

Torpado MTB T590 Storm

T591 Storm

Torpado MTB T591 Storm

T595 Earth

Torpado MTB T595 Earth

T596 Earth

Torpado MTB T596 Earth

T700 Uranus

Torpado MTB T700 Uranus

T720 Mercury

Torpado MTB T720 Mercury

T730 Mercury

Torpado MTB T730 Mercury

T740 Mars

Torpado MTB T740 Mars

T750 Neptune

Torpado MTB T750 Neptune

T770 Saturn

Torpado MTB T770 Saturn

T780 Saturn

Torpado MTB T780 Saturn

T790 Plutone

Torpado MTB T790 Plutone


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